Goodcome to MINITRUE

Welcome to the Ministry of Truth (MINITRUE in Newspeak). The staff takes pluspride in informing the citizens of Oceania of:
  • The news of the day
  • Principles of INGSOC
  • Latest BB day orders
  • BB plans for plusgood prosperity
  • Status of current BB plans
  • Status of Oceania MINI Bureaus
  • Status of war efforts in Eurasia
  • Relations with plusgood friends in East Asia
  • MINIPEACE Baghdad Bureau
  • MINIPEACE Kabul Bureau
  • MINITRUE Baghdad Bureau
  • MINITRUE Kabul Bureau
Truth: The purpose of this blog is it’s a forum for venting frustration of the crock our government (USA) has become, and the farce that operates out of 1600 PA Ave NW, Washington, DC (White House). The primary targets are President George W. Bush, A.K.A. Big Brother, BB, W, Bush 43, Bush II, Asshole, and Vice President Dick Cheney, A.K.A. Darth Cheney or “Go Fuck Yourself” boy, but isn’t exclusive. Any member of the Administration, or any other government official is fair game. If it falls into the principles of INGSOC, it will be picked on. Your input is appreciated and encouraged. You can also check out the blog I share with Phinky, Ignorant Hussy.

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