Red State Now "Gender Blind" - Same-Sex Marriage Now Legal in Iowa

In the continuing debate over the rights of same-sex couples in the fight over the right to marry, the gay and lesbian residents of the State of Iowa scored a major victory! For the Iowa District Court for Polk County, IA, 5th Judicial District, Judge Robert B. Hanson ruled on Thursday 30 August 2007 that Iowa Code § 595.2(1) is unconstitutional and ordered that it be stricken from the law. This section specifically states that marriage is valid only between a man and a woman. The Court also ordered that the remaining sections of Iowa Code 595 must be reviewed and amended to be gender-neutral. A copy of the summary judgment and court order can be viewed at http://data.lambdalegal.org/pdf/legal/varnum/varnum-d-08302007-ia-district.pdf.

There are only four gender-specific references in Iowa Code 595, one of which applies only to pregnant females in cases of marriages of underage persons (minors.)

Additionally, by Judge Hanson’s order of striking the section of Iowa Code 595 that specifically states that marriage is between two persons of the opposite sex, it affects Iowa Code § 595.20 (Foreign Marriages – Validity). § 595.20 specifically states that “A marriage which is solemnized in any other state, territory, country, or any foreign jurisdiction which is valid in that state, territory, country, or other foreign jurisdiction, is valid in this state if the parties meet the requirements for validity pursuant to section 595.2, subsection 1, and if the marriage would not otherwise be declared void.” The specific exception in subsection 1 that is referenced in Iowa Code § 595.20 is now invalid, and thus, any same-sex marriage or civil union legally officiated in another state or country must be recognized in the State of Iowa. Effectively reinstating "legally married" status to gay and lesbian Iowans that were married in Massachusetts, Vermont, and Canada.

The following is a copy of Iowa Code 595 (as amended) as posted on the Internet site of the Iowa State Legislature. The changes required by the judge’s order have not been incorporated into the posted text as of 30 August 2007. (http://coolice.legis.state.ia.us/Cool-ICE/default.asp?Category=billinfo&Service=IowaCode&input=595).


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    The image of a peaceful society personified by witholding the truth of one's misery to infer prosperity.


Residence committee says sign is doubleplusungood

Newsflash: 12.3.06
Minrec AOL Bureau

Residence committee says sign for our patriotic fighting men in Eurasia is doubleplusungood. Sister Stacey Kelley ridiculed and required to pay unjust penalties for patriotism. The Residence Committee is requested to meet with the INGSOC committee chair and answer to BB.


Inner Party High Committe Member Sends INGSOC Letter

MINREC Newsflash - This Outer Party Brother received letter from Inner Party High Committee Member, Brother Warner (R-VA). Brother Warner's letter to this MINREC brother support goodspeak of the 1st INGSOC policy, and plusgood committee vote for monthsplus 6 extension of 1st INGSOC policy. Brother Warner speaks of pluswork togethergood of both Inner and Outer Parties to publish the 2nd INGSOC policy. Target date is 3.2.06 (3 Feb).

Translation: I received a letter today from Senator John Warner (R-VA). His generic form letter "expressed my concern" of the Patriot Act. Both houses of Congress are "working hard" to revise the so called "Patriot Act II" for passage before the expiration of the extension they put into place before the Christmas break. SENATOR WARNER SUPPORTED THE PATRIOT ACT AS PART OF THE 98 VOTE PASSAGE.

My concern is that the Patriot Act (INGSOC) is a load of crap! More safeguards are required to protect the general civil rights and privacy of the average American. (Like W is going to obey it like he did with his non-constitutional spying on the average person and warrantless searches in violation of FISA and EO 12333.)

Residents of Virginia: PLEASE write to Sen. Warner and tell him to either fix the Patriot Act to make it more difficult to have our civil liberties and privacy violated or LET IT DIE!!!


Outer Party High Committee Comrade and doubleplusungood victory BB candidate, Brother Kerry, starts new blog speak

MINREC Newsflash - Brother John Kerry started a new blog speak with our MINREC Brothers at DailyKos. Brother Kerry's first newsflash reports on latest speak by the leader of the Eurasian Victory Rebellion League, Inner Party, and BB.

Brother Kerry's plusnew speak of first newsflash.

Leader of Eurasian Victory Rebellion League speaks; using BB and Party speak as weapon against Oceania and plusgood thought for Eurasian war

MINREC Newsflash - From our Brothers and Sisters at Media Matters for America, MINREC speaks with Inner Party unhigh committee unleader, Brother Gingrich, and MINREC Brothers on reports of latest Rebellion leader (Osama bin Laden) speak recording.

MINREC reports of sources of O.b.L. rebellion speak comes from BB himself, Inner Party doctrine, and INGSOC principles.


Victory Scouts To Turn In Outer Party Members For Thoughtcrime

MINREC Newsflash - 17.1.06: Ref per Brothers at DailyKos. Victory Scouts at plus school, UCLA, instructed to turn in Outer Party teachers as known unpersons for thoughtcrime.


Six-Minute Hate

MINREC Newsflash - 16.1.06 - Goldstein untrue speech against BB and Inner Party. Goldstein doublespeak of BB first four-year thoughtcrime reduction plan.